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  • Faith and Science... Together!

    Some quick videos to introduce you to me and a few usually hot-button science/faith topics.


    The connection between faith and science is something that has been twisted and ultimately lost throughout the years. I hope to show you the beauty of how the two go together.

    How it Begins

    The Big Bang Theory was proposed by a Catholic priest. The beginning of everything has been debated for years. Scripture paints a picture of the truths science and logic are uncovering.

    Then What?

    One of the most often used arguments to disprove Christianity is the Theory of Evolution. I walk you through how the two have more in common than one might think.

  • The Blog

    Thoughts, blurbs, and tidbits.

    As many of you may know, I have had four miscarriages over the last few years, three since my healthy son was born in 2021. They have been emotionally devastating as well as physically miserable. I wanted to know why this kept happening. To have another healthy baby has been one of my most...
    Recently the weather in Kansas has been BEAUTIFUL! It’s been sunny and 75 and not too windy. I have been spending almost all day long outside working in my yard or playing with my son. It has been wonderful. As I’ve spent time out there I’ve been able to see the changing of all of the plants day...
    Recently I was introduced to the waxy monkey frog. First of all, it is a really weird name, but the truth is it’s a pretty apt name. This creature is called a “monkey frog” because it has opposable thumbs. It uses those thumbs to climb in the trees. I’ve explained the monkey part, but what...
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