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  • Faith and Science... Together!

    Some quick videos to introduce you to me and a few usually hot-button science/faith topics.


    The connection between faith and science is something that has been twisted and ultimately lost throughout the years. I hope to show you the beauty of how the two go together.

    How it Begins

    The Big Bang Theory was proposed by a Catholic priest. The beginning of everything has been debated for years. Scripture paints a picture of the truths science and logic are uncovering.

    Then What?

    One of the most often used arguments to disprove Christianity is the Theory of Evolution. I walk you through how the two have more in common than one might think.

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    November 24, 2021
    There are a handful of things that science teachers drill into their students so that they will never forget it. One of those things is that the human body is 70% water. When I was taught this I didn’t think about the complexity of the statement, I thought it just kind of sat there in one big...
    November 17, 2021
    I was advised early on in my son Joseph’s life to pump his legs, to move his arms, to get those muscles going. Since I love music, I decided to do this through daily dance parties. He and I have a wonderful time and we listen to a variety of music, but a favorite of mine and thus a popular choice...
    November 3, 2021
    I am far from a geologist. My knowledge of rocks is mostly how pretty they look... well, that and what I learned in like 3rd grade about how different rocks are formed. There are 3 classifications of rocks. Igneous rocks are formed when lava or magma cools. Sedimentary rocks form when particles...
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