• Talks and Presentations

    I am available for talks or recorded presentations. Pricing and descriptions below.

    Youth - General

    • Will cover: Catholic teaching of Truth, search for God through science, Catholic Scientists, Big Bang, Evolution, and more
    • Q&A and activities based on age
    • Cost: $100 + Travel

    Youth - Specific Topic

    • Up to one hour
    • You can choose what topic. Examples: Big Bang, Evolution, Plagues, Eucharistic Miracles, etc. 
    • Can include Q&A and activities
    • Cost: $150 + Travel

    Adult - General

    • General faith and science knowledge for adults. Education and helping them be able to defend the faith
    • Q&A after talk
    • Cost: $100 + Travel

    Adult - Specific Talk

    • You choose specific topic or message for this particular group
    • Possible Topics: Big Bang, Evolution, Teaching your kids, Including science in prayer, etc.
    • Q& A after talk
    • Cost: $150 + Travel

    Instructors of Youth

    • Includes information on why it is important and easily implemented tips to teach the subjects together.
    • Time for Q&A and activities to help instructors see how the two work together and show this to youth
    • Cost: $100 + Travel

    Travel cost can be negotiated. I’m based out of Wichita, KS and willing to drive to Missouri, Oklahoma, or other Kansas locations with only cost of gas. Beyond that would require air travel.

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