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    Being both a catechist and scientist is written in my DNA.


    Faith and science are two parts of a single greater truth.



    Faith and science are intertwined in everything around us.

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    Who is Dani? What is a Catechist Scientist?

    Hi, I'm a nerd from Kansas who got a lovely education then moved to Houston to get even more schooling and I'm about to have this cool piece of paper that says I'm a doctor! I will have my PhD in "Structural and Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics"!


    During that same time I was raised Roman Catholic and always loved my faith. Throughout school I was very involved in faith based activities, youth group and what not. But it wasn't until college at KU that I started diving deeper into the history of those same church teachings that I had been celebrating for 20+ years. What I found was a never-ending beauty and so much depth and knowledge. I'll never be able to read it all.


    But both of these wells of knowledge bring me SO MUCH JOY! I can't just keep that all to myself, that would be selfish! So I decided to start this website and this endeavor to help spread the great news that Faith and Science are both super awesome! So I am a catechist spreading the good news from the perspective of a scientist!


    I am The Catechist Scientist