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    A variety of videos to help you learn and share the truth.

    Why Faith AND Science?

    This is an introductory video about me and this project.

    Science of the Eucharist

    The Eucharist is a mystery we can never fully understand. But God gifts us a few rare miracles to help us come to a better understanding.

    Why do we fast?

    God wants the best for our bodies and our souls. Here I talk about how fasting helps both of them using scripture and science.

    Why aren't dinosaurs in the Bible?

    This is the most common question I hear when I talk to people. Plot twist: they ARE in the Bible!

    Catholicism and Aliens!

    These are two topics that most people don't think about together, but once you get them thinking about it they are very interested. What does the Catholic Church think about aliens?

    A chat with a NASA engineer!

    I chat with my friend Chris Lessmann as he talks about star gazing and how the scriptures speak of space. I learned so much!

    Bringing Truth to the youth

    I was asked to speak on science and faith to about 200 high school students at the Galveston-Houston Archdiocesan Youth Conference. This is a recording of that talk.

    The Catholic Church believes in Climate Change.

    Many people are unsure of the facts of climate science, so I share a few of them while I discuss the Church's view on care of the Earth.

    How did living creatures come to be?

    This gives a brief description of what science has found out about creation, mainly evolution, and what the Catholic Church believes. They clash less than you would think.

    Creation through the eyes of faith AND science.

    This video covers the biblical teaching of creation. Then it discusses the scientific knowledge on the beginning of everything.

    What scientific proof is there of God?

    I walk you through the scientific method to help you learn how to look at the world and think critically about the existence of God.